Patient Education

Our animated 3D series on prostate cancer can help to understand the disease as well as treatment options and side effects.

Special thanks to Tolmar Australia who sponsored these videos.

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Prostate Cancer Management Part 1

Understanding the prostate gland - where is it located and what does it do?

What is prostate cancer?

What is prostate cancer - why and how does it occur?

PSA level testing explained

PSA Level Testing - how it works and how it can help with surveillance after treatment.

Active surveillance

Active surveillance as an option for prostate cancer patients.

Radiotherapy treatment

Radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Treatment side effects

Side effects of prostate cancer treatment including erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy treatment for prostate cancer.

Bone Metastasis

Metastatic disease - treatment with radiotherapy.


Chemotherapy options for prostate cancer treatment.

Hormone Therapy Treatment

The normal function of testosterone and side effects of hormone treatment for prostate cancer.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

This video takes patients with urinary incontinence through pelvic floor exercises.