Our Vision : No Man Dies of Prostate Cancer

Australian Prostate Cancer Research supports men living with prostate cancer by providing best practice, research validated models of care and treatment, and facilitates research to find a cure.

More than ever before, Australian men facing prostate cancer need your help. Please consider making a donation to support our vital work and ensure Aussie men get the support they need.

Research & Initiatives

Treatment & Support

The Prostate Cancer Centre provides men with a one stop shop for all issues below the belt. Reduced waiting times, access to specialists and comprehensive services in one place result in efficient treatment for patients with prostate cancer and related issues.

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Prostmate is an online clinical support program for anyone affected by prostate cancer; it gives patients access to current research information, personalised support, opportunity to talk to prostate cancer specialist nurses and psychologists via video conferencing, and access to online tools such as appointment reminders.

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Training & Education